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New Year's Resolutions

It's a cliche topic; I realize that, but this is my journal and writing something down gives it power. Especially if you do it in ink rather than pencil. Or you post it on the internet! So here goes.

1. I will finish my new manuscript, No Body to Love, by the end of January. I mean it. I had planned to do it by November 1st so I could query before all the NanoWrimoers got the agents in a bad mood. Here it is, January and I'm not done. But I will be. I love you family and friends but this is my month. For these four weeks, you gotta fix your own problems, entertain yourselves- you can do it.

2. I will run at least once a week.

3. I will fix up The Room of Requirement. (we redid our house last Feb/March and ended up with a small, wonderfully cave-like room that could be used as craft room, writing room, exercise room, whatever) It's still just the place we put things we don't know what to do with.

4. Once I have fixed up the Room of Requirment, I will organize our family photos. I stopped doing this when Duncan was in kindergarten. (right about the time, I started writing actually- ok, great, now I feel guilty about Resolution Numero Uno). That's 7 years of photos. Gasp.

All right Resolutions- I'll be checking back with you in March. I'm putting it on the calendar! Right now.


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